Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Jack and I (well, mostly me) decided to put up a wall of thankfulness. It wasn't anything too creative, just some yarn and paper leaves. I cut out a stack of leaves and whenever we felt thankful we were to write it on the back of the leaf, placing it on the yarn. Of course, Jack made it into a competition to see who was the most thankful. It turned out to be really cute and am glad we did it. I'm thankful for so much: my health, my love, my God, my family, my job, and of course our new little one who is making an appearance soon. May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meaning of Christmas

I love the holiday season. I love holiday music, holiday food, gift giving, decorating, and all the other fun things that come along with the holidays. However, I feel like certain holidays have lost their meaning. I turned to one of my XM stations the other day only to find that it had been switched to the "Holly" station. Like I said, I love Christmas music. My favorite song is probably "Silent Night"but I would enjoy the song even more if it was played in December. Also, have you heard of stores opening their doors early this year? As if 2 am isn't early enough the day after Thanksgiving. No, now stores want you to have the pleasure of eating Thanksgiving dinner and then rushing out at 8pm to shop...on a holiday. Is that really what the holidays have come to be about: shopping? I was talking to my husband this morning about it and asked him if he remembered what he got last year for Christmas. He remembered a few things only because he uses them regularly  Neither one of us could think of what he got me for Christmas let alone what other people got us. It really makes me sad to think that shopping and gifts are all people are thinking about around the holidays. Don't get me wrong, I to enjoy receiving gifts, but it's not what I look forward to.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random Tuesday

via Pinterest

Well, today is voting day unless you chose to vote early or send in an absentee ballot. I chose to mail my vote in. Jack and I saw a bumper sticker that said pray,pray,pray. You pray in the days leading up to the election for each candidate, you pray the day you vote that you vote for all the right reasons, and you pray after you vote for whichever candidate was chosen.

Our weekend went by so fast. Loved having the extra hour to sleep and spend time with my mom. Mom and I did a little shopping on Saturday. We got a few things for baby and a few maternity tops for me.   

We took the pup to the dog beach park. It was high tide which is my least favorite time to go because there is barely any land to stand on. Mom was a trooper as that is not something she would normally do. The pup was exhausted from swimming and running for an hour straight. I can't wait to see him interact with the little girl. He's such a good dog. 

We have been trying to figure out what to do about a changing table. I really didn't want to spend the money on a piece of furniture that looked like a changing table. I wanted to get a dresser and just place the changing pad on top. My mom suggested that we take a dresser of hers that she doesn't use and use our dresser for the baby's room. Money saved. Plus, Jack made a nifty top for the dresser to place the changing pad in so little one wouldn't slide off. He's so crafty! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Confessional Friday

Hey ya'll, it's the weekend!! I couldn't be more ready for the weekend either. Work is getting very busy which is good because the day flies by. 

Here are some of my confessions (or things happening in my life:)  )

My mom will be visiting us this weekend. I'm excited to do some shopping, baking, and catching up! She is going to teach me how to make a pumpkin roll my grandma would make all the time, yum!

I confess that we didn't hand out a single piece of candy Halloween night. Good thing since I didn't buy any candy. However, a member of the church I work at decided to bring in all his leftovers for the top of my desk. Like that won't be tempting. I guess I should put it out instead of keeping it in my drawer :) 

I confess that we have been able to turn the air off a few days this week thanks to a nice cool down. With the doors and windows open, little creatures have been finding their way into our home. Have no fear though, we have a fierce Kitty (Kitty is her name) who graciously kills them all. Poor things.

I confess that I have somehow managed to stay away from purchasing too much for the little girl in my belly but boy is it hard when I browse Etsy on my down-time