Friday, February 22, 2013

Weeks 1 to 2

just born, in grandpa's arms
   Well baby girl, today marks your being here for two weeks. Wow, what a two weeks it has been. Looking at the photo above of when you were first born to looking at you today makes me realize how fast your going to grow up. Your first week home went pretty good. Your daddy was off of work for the entire week so that was a big help. Well, kind of. You really are only fussy when your hungry and since I'm breastfeeding, there's not much your dad can really do. I do appreciate his hunger to help though. I must say my favorite part of your being here is watching your daddy with you. He loves you unconditionally. We have comes to realize this is the way the Lord loves us, we can do no wrong in His eyes just as you can do no wrong in our eyes.
   You had one bad night where you just did NOT want to sleep. You fought it so hard. I think after about 4 hours, you finally gave up. Well, you had another one of those nights last night. I fed you, changed you, rocked you, nothing worked. Your dad got up to help rock you to sleep. A few times we thought you were out and would put you down only to realize you were not falling for it. You just love being in our arms. We can not get you used to that habit though, we would get no sleep!
My favorite time with you is right after you feed. You make the sweetest yet strangest faces and noises.
  You have amazed us. We are in complete aww of you. To think that we, along with the Lord, are what created you blows us away.
some say it looks like your "Tebowing". We will tell you what that is later!

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