Wednesday, September 11, 2013

7 Months - September 7, 2013

I'm a few days late on baby's 7 month post but her she is...

She had her check up the other day. She weighs 13.5 lbs and is 27 inches long. According to the "percentiles" she is in the bottom for weight and middle for height. My husband and I pretty much hate how they "rate" them. They never take into consideration family background and activity level. As long as she's healthy she can be as tiny and long as she wants.
She is overall a pretty happy baby unless she's tired. This girl will fight sleep so hard sometimes. She doesn't want to miss a thing.
She is still wearing 3-6 month clothing. She broke a tooth through on Sept 8. She has been army crawling for about a month but is now starting to get her butt in the air. We will see if that turns into a crawl soon.
Her nana and papa got her a new swing. She loves it, for now.

She loves to babble. As soon as shes in the car and we are moving she is just a gabbin, like her dad ;)
She loves her puppy. He loves her.
Everyone told me, "It just gets better" and it truly is.

Friday, June 7, 2013

4 Months


You will be 4 months old tomorrow, June 8th. Let me tell you, my love for you has grown so much since the 1st day you were place in my arms. You have such a personality now. You now make it easy to detect your wants and needs. You are constantly rolling over from your back to your tummy and keeping your head up so high. Sure, you get mad and grunt when you are over it but you’re getting so strong. You have officially giggled. Daddy has made you giggle once as have I. Only once though, you’re a tough one to amuse. Maybe we just aren’t that funny to you. You have a new fascination, your hand. If you can get your hand to your mouth, in it goes. When you to get your hand in there you usually gag or make a funny face. Why you keep doing it I will never know.You have started to “play”with little toys. You try your hardest to grab for things and hold on to them. You absolutely love people. As long as someone is looking at you or you are able to look at them, you are content. You don’t even really have to be held, just able to see. You were sleeping through the night until these past 2 weeks. What happened? You spoiled your dad and I. You usually wake up around 3-4am, I feed you for about 5min and you’re out again until time to get ready. Anytime you want to go back to your old ways is fine with me J You love going on long walks in the stroller with us. Unfortunately it has been raining nonstop so we haven’t been able to get outside. You’re doing so great at daycare. You sleep in crib there, one time for a good 3hr stretch. I say it every time, but we are so blessed to have you at such a great place. They really care about you there.
I still am in awe that you are ours. I could watch you and your dad with each other all day. It is the absolute best. You’re going to be a daddy’s girl.
Little girl, you have my whole heart.

I love you


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 Months

3 Months = Big Moments


Baby Girl,

 I love you more and more every day. You turned three months old on May 8, 2013. How is the time flying by so fast?

 May has been a busy month for so far. You took your first road trip from one Florida coast to the other in order to meet some very special people. You were able to meet so many important people: your great-aunt, great-uncle, great-cousins, great-grami, your God-parents, your mommy and daddy’s friends. They were all in love with you the moment they saw you. Well, your great-grandmother wasn’t necessarily your favorite but you’ll grow to love her. It did make for some pretty funny photos. I loved being able to take you to my hometown. We made a quick trip to your dad’s hometown on our way back home where you were able to meet some more important people.

 We are so blessed with your daycare and the people there that take care of you. When I bring you there in the mornings you are now starting to smile at them as I hand you off. They love that. I’m not sure what they do with you there but when I walk over to pick you up you are exhausted. I think it’s just so loud there with all the other babies that it is hard for you to nap. Your dad and I are happy about you being worn out because you go to bed so easy and sleep all night long. Thank you daycare!

 Some Milestones: (There aren’t bunches. You are still only 3 months)

-        You try your absolute hardest to sit up. If you are on your back you do everything possible to pull that little head up.

-        You have moved from your bassinet into your crib. It still freaks me out to come get you in the morning and you be completely flipped around. You can stop that

-        You have been enjoying our nightly walks sitting up in the big part of the stroller. I love this because I need to exercise. I just wish the sun wasn’t beaming in your face when we go. Guess we should go later.

-        I think you are in the process of teething because you sure do drool and suck a lot.

-        We have your 3-month check up tomorrow; I think you have to get a shot. I’m sorry

-        You now kind of play with little toys. If only you would open up those little fists!

-        You try and talk. This is my favorite. I hope I can always remember the sound of your little coos.



You are my absolute favorite! How can one love someone so much? My love for you is a daily reminder of how the Lord loves us. Thank you for all the smiles you put on my face.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Back to work...

As of April 1, I am now a full-time working momma. This transition would have been much harder if she wasn't in a daycare right next door to me. Let me explain. I work at a church, yes I work at a church. I say this because most churches have volunteers that do the work. However, this church is different and not one I would ever attend. Anywho, they do treat me so so great here and couldn't be more thankful for this job. I am even more thankful that there is a daycare in connection with the church. This is the daycare Capri goes to. It is one of the best day cares in the county, the cost can prove that statement. The care she receives there is great. She is the youngest by about 2 months, awww....this means she requires a lot more care and time. So far, everything has been working out great. I pump just enough for her to get three bottle feedings from them. I go over on my lunch break to feed her and love on her. Perfect situation right? I absolutely love the women who are watching her! Of course, I would love to be the one who spends all day with her but mommas got to work if we want to live where we do. Plus, I like interacting with adults every now and then. Sorry Capri. I do get sad when I think about how I may miss her "firsts". What if she accomplishes all of her firsts while over there? I guess I could have them call me and I could run the ten steps to catch it. We are oh so blessed. Sure, things have changed since Capri has been born. I am tired. Jack is tired. Money is tight. Everything we do takes extra time. We have more responsibility. However, the Lord does not gives us more than we can handle. I can't handle her cuteness though :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

3 Weeks

Little girl,

You are three weeks old as of last Friday. You are sleeping longer through the night, most of the time. Your always so alert when your awake. I've taken you out and about quite a few times last week (shh... don't tell your pediatrician). Everyone that has seen you falls in love instantly. You have been to two church services and have done so good at both. Yesterday you passed gas through the entire service, your dad was proud and mommy was grossed out. Grandpa came to see you last weekend and Mimi left yesterday from her visit with you this weekend that just passed. They are in complete awe of you, maybe because your their first grand baby. I just love you to pieces. I went to get my hair cut and left you with grandma. Since it's "season" here, the hair place was packed, delaying my return back to you. The entire time I was there all I could think about was getting back home. Of course, grandma did just fine with you. The daycare at my work has an opening for you. As hard as it will be to take you there I am so thankful to be so close to you.

We love you baby girl!