Friday, April 19, 2013

Back to work...

As of April 1, I am now a full-time working momma. This transition would have been much harder if she wasn't in a daycare right next door to me. Let me explain. I work at a church, yes I work at a church. I say this because most churches have volunteers that do the work. However, this church is different and not one I would ever attend. Anywho, they do treat me so so great here and couldn't be more thankful for this job. I am even more thankful that there is a daycare in connection with the church. This is the daycare Capri goes to. It is one of the best day cares in the county, the cost can prove that statement. The care she receives there is great. She is the youngest by about 2 months, awww....this means she requires a lot more care and time. So far, everything has been working out great. I pump just enough for her to get three bottle feedings from them. I go over on my lunch break to feed her and love on her. Perfect situation right? I absolutely love the women who are watching her! Of course, I would love to be the one who spends all day with her but mommas got to work if we want to live where we do. Plus, I like interacting with adults every now and then. Sorry Capri. I do get sad when I think about how I may miss her "firsts". What if she accomplishes all of her firsts while over there? I guess I could have them call me and I could run the ten steps to catch it. We are oh so blessed. Sure, things have changed since Capri has been born. I am tired. Jack is tired. Money is tight. Everything we do takes extra time. We have more responsibility. However, the Lord does not gives us more than we can handle. I can't handle her cuteness though :)

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