Friday, June 7, 2013

4 Months


You will be 4 months old tomorrow, June 8th. Let me tell you, my love for you has grown so much since the 1st day you were place in my arms. You have such a personality now. You now make it easy to detect your wants and needs. You are constantly rolling over from your back to your tummy and keeping your head up so high. Sure, you get mad and grunt when you are over it but you’re getting so strong. You have officially giggled. Daddy has made you giggle once as have I. Only once though, you’re a tough one to amuse. Maybe we just aren’t that funny to you. You have a new fascination, your hand. If you can get your hand to your mouth, in it goes. When you to get your hand in there you usually gag or make a funny face. Why you keep doing it I will never know.You have started to “play”with little toys. You try your hardest to grab for things and hold on to them. You absolutely love people. As long as someone is looking at you or you are able to look at them, you are content. You don’t even really have to be held, just able to see. You were sleeping through the night until these past 2 weeks. What happened? You spoiled your dad and I. You usually wake up around 3-4am, I feed you for about 5min and you’re out again until time to get ready. Anytime you want to go back to your old ways is fine with me J You love going on long walks in the stroller with us. Unfortunately it has been raining nonstop so we haven’t been able to get outside. You’re doing so great at daycare. You sleep in crib there, one time for a good 3hr stretch. I say it every time, but we are so blessed to have you at such a great place. They really care about you there.
I still am in awe that you are ours. I could watch you and your dad with each other all day. It is the absolute best. You’re going to be a daddy’s girl.
Little girl, you have my whole heart.

I love you


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