Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Really? Almost half way cooked?

Please ignore the toilet. My husband was around 

Well little one, you are almost half way ready to be in our arms. On Friday I will be 20 weeks, meaning there are only 20 more weeks to go. It will go by fast, right? People are starting to really know I am pregnant, there's no hiding it.  I still feel like I'm at an awkward stage though, the stage where I just look kind of chunky. My mom bought me a few pairs of maternity pants from Ann Taylor and had them mailed to me, surprise! Haven't tried them on but will let you know how they fan out. I also bought a few Old Navy Maternity pieces. No, haven't tried those on either. However, the dress above is Old Navy, I just bought a size up in their regular clothing and it's really comfortable. If only it would cool down but it is South Florida. 

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  1. Congrats!! You are so cute. I hope the new maternity pieces work out for you. I had the hardest time finding maternity clothes. I found a few cute things at Target.

    Fried Pink Tomato